Generator Installation Services

Make Sure You Have a Backup Plan

Install a whole-home generator with Turn Key Electric

A home generator adds convenience and value to your home. Turn Key Electric can help you stick to your routine by installing a whole-home generator on your property. You can use the generator to power your lights, electronics, appliances and other electrical systems.

Please note that Turn Key Electric is a commercial electrician; generators are our only residential service. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Don't let a power outage get in the way of your routine

There's nothing more frustrating than a power outage in your home. Whether you're getting ready for work or trying to cook dinner, an outage can completely throw off your day.

You could benefit from a home generator when...

  • A car accident damages a power line.
  • A storm knocks the power out.
  • A construction team hits an electrical line.

With more than a decade of experience, Turn Key Electric is dedicated to quality, efficient service. Call us today to set up your generator installation.